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Finding the right participants to carry out your user interviews, diary studies, and observations can be downright difficult - but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Over the next five days, you’ll get a new video lesson sent straight to your inbox covering the exact topics that will make you a pro at recruiting users for UX research. 

Day One

Setting Research Goals

  • Developing effective UX research goals that will be clear and concise.
  • Nailing it down: Who do you plan to research? What do you want to understand? Why do you want these insights?
  • Examples of strongly written research goals.
  • Collaborative goal setting with stakeholders.
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Day Two

Choosing Research Methods

  • Selecting the right UX or design research methods based on your research goals and type of project.
  • A deep dive into the different types of research methods, like interviews, diary studies, observations, surveys, and workshops.
  • Data Triangulation 101

Day Three

User Groups and Recruiting Criteria

  • What are user groups and how do you define them?
  • How to develop recruiting criteria for your UX project (and what is it?)
  • Factors to consider when identifying who to recruit and how many participants you'll need.
  • BONUS: Recruiting Criteria Template!
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Day Four

Screening and Scripts

  • What is a recruiting script, what should it include, and when do we use them?
  • Participant screening and the importance of matching your recruiting criteria.
  • How to develop a screening questionnaire.
  • BONUS: Sample Screening Questionnaire

Day Five

Recruiting Tactics in UX

  • The top 8 recruiting methods for finding your users.
  • What are incentives? And how much should you offer your participants?
  • The end-to-end UX participant recruitment process.
  • Two BONUS concepts: (Incentives and Participant Tracking)
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